Colombia El Progreso


Colombia El Progreso


country: colombia // region: huila // town: near pitalito // farm: el progreso // farmer: rodrigo sanchez // altitude: 1650-1800 m. // varieties: caturra and colombia // processing method: full washed with 18-24 hour dry fermentation and 8-13 days parabolic drying on farm

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country:  ethiopia

region:  jimma

town:  near agaro

farmers:  abdulwahid and anwar sheriff (brothers)

altitude:  1950m

variety:  limu buna 54 and 74165, both native heirloom varieties

processing method:  full natural, dried on tarps on hard ground over 18 days, selectively sorted over the first 3-4 days

tasting notes:  florals on the nose, with fruit and brandy coming out with water.  the starfruit carries into the cup, along with prune, black tea, and a caramel-like sweetness.  a nice, buttery body and super clean finish

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