Brasil Primavera


Brasil Primavera


country: brasil // region: minas gerais // microregion: chapadas de minas // municipality: angelandia // farm: primavera // farmer: ricardo tavares // altitude: 1000-1050 m. // variety: yellow catuai // processing method: full natural

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country:  congo

region:  n/a

town:  minova, located on the northern end of lake kivu

farmers:  about 5600 fair trade, ethnically diverse growers scattered about the highlands around lake kivu

altitude:  1400-2000m

varieties:  bourbon derivatives

processing method:  fully washed and sun-dried at a cooperative washing station

tasting notes:  a deep and complex coffee, showing jackfruit, peach, and vanilla on the fragrance, with a touch of mint coming through in the aroma.  very clean in the cup, with stewed peach and cherry, showing a stonefruit acidity with a medium body.  a very balanced coffee and exceptionally easy to drink. 

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