Sumatra Djasa Djasa


Sumatra Djasa Djasa


country: indonesia // location: sumatra, in the atu lintang area of the aceh region // mill: djasa djasa, owned by the amirta family // farmers: small, family-owned farms surrounding djasa djasa // altitude: 1400 m. // variety: ateng, bergendal, and djember // processing method: fully washed with wet hulling

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country:  kenya

region:  murang'a county

washing station:  wahundura

dry mill:  thika

farmers:  1108 members of the kamacharia cooperative, average farm size of 200 trees

altitude:  1600-1800m

varietal:  sl-28 and ruiru 11

processing method:  fully washed, dried on raised beds

tasting notes:  bubble gum, candied citrus, and grapefruit on the nose.  citrus follows into the cup, complimented by molasses sweetness and bourbon-like complexity.  maraschino cherry and subtle cedar notes balance a heavy body.  crisp and sweet

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