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Limited Edition Cat Lover Box

Limited Edition Cat Lover Box

Limited Edition Cat Lover Box

Our Cat Lover Box has arrived for Summer 2017!

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Please note actual box contents may vary from those pictured above.

Our Featured Charity 

Kate Funk (and her kitty sidekick AC) is our featured charity for June 2017. AC the cat is one amazing kitty and the star of Kate Funk's photography business. Early this year he had a near death medical scare. After some strange behavior and not eating for 24 hours he was rushed to the vet, but they weren't quite able to pinpoint what was wrong. They decided the only option was emergency exploratory surgery. Sadly, the biopsy results from the surgery showed he had a very severe case of Pancreatitis and other complications that kept arising. All of this left Kate with an enormous pile of medical bills. Your purchase helps support AC the cat and his road to recovery.  To follow AC's progress please check out: @thekatefunk

AC the cat.

AC the cat.

Featured Roast

Discover our most recent single farm coffees.

Colombia El Progreso

June 2017 Feature // Medium Roast

Country  Colombia -

Region  Huila

Town  Near Pitalito

Farm  Finca El Progreso

Farmer  Rodrigo Sanchez

Altitude  1650-1800 m.

Varieties  Caturra and Colombia

About  El Progreso is a farm in the huila region of Colombia, in the south end of the country. Rodrigo Sanchez, the farm's owner, is heavily focused on the well-being of his family and his fellow farmers.


Our Cafe

Visit our 100% donation based bicycle cafe, currently situated in El Paso, Texas!
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Lalo Elan @laloelan
200 S. Sante Fe Street
El Paso, Texas 79901



Tuesday-Saturday: 1-7 pm
@lastthursdaysep: 1-11 pm


C.S Coffee

An adventure that began in Italy 1883. Our brand builds on what John M. Taranto began when he arrived in New York City in 1912. Born in 1883 in Alicudi, Italy he was the oldest of 12 children. In 1927 John (Giovanni) and his brothers opened the Taranto Brothers Grocery store in upstate New York.

Carrying on the Taranto family legacy is Ian, the great-grandson of Salvatore Angelo Taranto. Ian is an upstate New York native and sponsored athlete.

Monica, who completed a solo 4,000 mile bicycle tour across the USA, is busy training for her next expedition: a 350 mile non-stop self-sufficient foot race across the Arctic Circle.

ChickenSwitch Coffee's unusual name has its origins in both of our founders past careers as bike messengers. The term 'ChickenSwitch' was used to describe a certain bicycle mechanism. Since the love of bicycles has been central to their life stories they thought it only fitting to combine it with their love of coffee. The rest is history.

100% Pure Coffee!

Co-Founders Monica and Ian

Co-Founders Monica and Ian

"Quality and tradition don't die. Quality has helped us to endure for a long time." -Angelo Taranto


Official ChickenSwitch Ambassadors
"You cannot describe the passion, you can only live it." -Enzo Ferrari