We love the simplicity of being outdoors and dreaming over a good cup of coffee.  We're passionate about inspiring youth and providing opportunities for them.

We promise to sell you coffee we both love and are proud of.  Coffee that is sustainably sourced and grown by farmers that are paid excellent wages and who are providing a good life for their families.

When you commit to a monthly subscription you will not only receive delicious coffee but also a unique monthly gift from a youth focused nonprofit.  Each month, in addition to your coffee, you'll be delighted by a new special gift and the chance to discover a new nonprofits story.



Make a great gift! 

Coffee subscriptions for busy people

12oz. bag of our roaster's choice, delivered to your door.
$29.95 per delivery / free shipping / unique gift included each month from a new featured nonprofit. 





On average, a 12oz. bag will provide 2 weeks of coffee for 1-2 coffee drinkers.  Coffee is whole bean.


Emanating the spirit of spontaneous adventure.
"They had a dream, and they ran for it."  -Angelo Taranto

ChickenSwitch Coffee

An adventure that began in Italy 1883. Our brand builds on what John M. Taranto began when he arrived in New York City in 1912. Born in 1883 in Alicudi, Italy he was the oldest of 12 children. In 1927 John and his brothers opened the Taranto Brothers Grocery store in upstate New York.

Carrying on the Taranto family legacy is Ian, an upstate New York native and sponsored athlete. Ian is honored to preserve the Taranto family history.

Monica, who completed a solo 4,000 mile bicycle tour across the USA, is busy planning and training for her next athletic expedition: a 350 mile non-stop self-sufficient foot race across the Arctic Circle.

Co-Founders Monica and Ian

Co-Founders Monica and Ian

We believe that brands should be created not only to be successful, but to help others succeed.


Official ChickenSwitch Ambassadors
"You cannot describe the passion, you can only live it." -Enzo Ferrari