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ChickenSwitch Coffee.

ChickenSwitch History: an adventure that began in Italy 1883.

Our brand builds on what John M. Taranto began when he arrived in New York City in 1912.  Born in 1883 in Alicudi, Italy he was the oldest of 12 children.  After his arrival he started a $9 a week job at an upstate knitting mill.  Seven months later, his wife, Caterina, and two of their children, Angelo and James, who were born in Italy, joined him in upstate New York.  He left the mill in the early 1920's to open a fruit store with his brother, Vincenzo Taranto.  Their first venture was selling fruits in front of a hotel during the evenings.  Later, another brother, Salvatore, joined them in the business, and by 1927 they had opened the Taranto Brothers Grocery store.  When asked about his success, the success of his relatives, and that of his children, the elder Taranto at the age of 87 repeated an observation that he often made to young people:  That the opportunities of the young today are so great that it is difficult for them to imagine the difficulties those of his generation had to overcome to get ahead.

Carrying on the Taranto family legacy is Ian, an upstate New York native and sponsored athlete.  He is inspired daily by his younger brother who is developmentally disabled.  Ian is honored to preserve the Taranto family history.

Monica, who completed a solo 4,000 mile bicycle tour across the USA, is busy planning and training for her next athletic expedition: a 350 mile non-stop self-sufficient foot race across the Arctic Circle.

By keeping our product selection minimalistic we are able to focus on what really matters: family and helping others.


Co-Founders Monica and Ian

Co-Founders Monica and Ian

We believe that brands should be created to not only be successful, but to help others succeed.


ChickenSwitch Coffee.  We live our company with enthusiasm, with a strong sense of pride and with emotion:  ChickenSwitch Coffee is lived with the heart.  Everyday challenges remind us that we are part of a unique and extraordinary reality.
"Quality and tradition don't die.  Quality has helped us to endure for a long time." -Angelo Taranto


Emanating the spirit of spontaneous adventure.
"They had a dream, and they ran for it."  -Angelo Taranto
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Our current featured nonprofit is The Chill Foundation.

The Chill Foundation is a nonprofit youth development program with sites in 13 cities across North America.  Their mission is to provide opportunities for underserved youth to build self-esteem and life skills through snowboarding and other board sports.


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"You cannot describe the passion, you can only live it." -Enzo Ferrari